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Looking for a new bike for Sherwood Pines / General local trails 20-30 mile rides

Like the look of the new Canyon Spectral Al6.0 but worried the tyres might be a big big and draggy

A couple of places have the Whyte T130S available for £2200 which seems a good deal and the same as the Spectral

Thoughts anyone ?


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    how technical are the places you ride as you could probably get away with a giant anthem xc type bike with 120mm travel
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    Both of those are much to 'big' for your stated usage, a decent hardtail or XC orientated FS will do the job much better.

    Giant Anthem as above would be a good choice, 130/110 travel
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    I have ridden the pines red route a few times on an XC hardtail and it was fine. An XC type FS bike would be a more suited but nothing to extreme.
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    Giant Anthem 2 2017 is on sale at Rutland for £1,500 but only in Small.

    Paul’s Cycles have it at £1,700 in all sizes.
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    I have ridden a 100mm travel hardtail at Pines. Also an Anthem X2 (100mm FS), a Kona Dawg (150mm FS), a Norco Sight (140mm FS), a YT Capra (165mm FS) and a Whyte T130 (130mm FS). I have ridden all the trails at Pines, many times. And I have ridden pretty much all the off-piste trails too. If there are some off-piste trails there to be ridden that I haven't discovered yet, then its not for the want of looking!

    If the rider is good enough and in good condition, they can ride anything at Pines. I believe that I could ride a rigid there; my grandson did until he got to 8 years old, so why can't I? But walking upright the day after, now there's the thing!

    The best two bikes I rode there for lightness, enjoyment and lack of damage to my body were the Norco Sight and the Whyte. If you were to stick to the red trail then a 100mm suspension is fine. But if you want to go off-piste or your ambitions extend to places other than Sherwood Pines, then you will be better placed to do so with a bit more bounce.

    The Canyon Spectral Al6.0 is a bike with 150mm travel and mid-fat tyres. it is more of an Enduro bike than a Trail bike. It will be great if you will be riding the Peak District or red/black at Bike Park Wales. But it will be overkill for your stated purpose.

    The Whyte will allow you to ride anything at Pines and also much more without being draggy.

    Why not come on the Forum Ride at Pines this coming Sunday? Mostly off-piste.
  • Cheers Steve i know from MBR your all the man when it comes to bikes / pines

    I thought that about the Canyon. My 13 year old might be getting the bug after riding the red route on his £150 rockrider waiting for me most of the time and passing most others so he is wanting my old rockrider 9.2 with 130mm proper suspension.

    I am looking for a go to do all bike that would also work at other trail centres, the peaks etc if needed but can also pedal all day as well so looking for 130-140mm travel