Giant defy rear wheel not centered at seat stay

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Hey Guys, I have Giant Defy disc Advanced Pro and the rear wheel seems to be not centered between the seat stay. The wheel is pretty cantered around the BB area.
Wondering if this is normal and if any other Defy owners.

I'm hoping that it is a minor dishing problem..


  • Lewis99
    Lewis99 Posts: 14
    Can this be caused by having asymmetrical seat stay compensating for disc brake?
  • svetty
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    Could just be paint build-up at the dropouts causing slight asymmetry. Can you position the wheel straight by hand before tightening the QR?
    You can check the wheel by inserting it the wrong way round and/or trying the wheel in another bike.
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
  • zefs
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    Probably need to adjust the quick release better, too much tension can cause that. Also make sure the dropouts are inserted correctly on the qr.
  • It's not normal, if it doesn't sit correctly when you undo the quick release don't remove any paint, take it to a Giant dealer as the frame has a lifetime warranty.
  • Lewis99
    Lewis99 Posts: 14
    Just got back from the shop. It turned out to be combination of wheel not being trued and out of dish. Thanks for all the help guys!
  • photonic69
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    Have they corrected the dishing of the wheel for you yet or is this still to be done?

    Can you post pictures the same as before with the correction applied? In my minds eye I cannot see how dishing will affect chain stay and seat stay clearances differently, though I can see that if the LHS dropout was 1mm deeper it would push the top of the wheel to the RHS but keep the wheel centered on the chain stay.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.