Felt B16 (2017)

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Frame: Felt B16 (2017, size 58)
Forks: Felt (alloy steerer)
Bars: 3T Ventus II Ltd with Zipp Alumina Evo 110 extensions
Stem: 3T Ventus II Ltd
Headset: Cane Creek
Bar Tape: None (yet)

Front Brake Lever: Shimano 6871
Front Caliper: TriRig Omega X
Rear Brake Lever: Shimano 6871
Rear Caliper: Tektro U-brake

Shifters: Shimano SW-R671
Cables: Shimano E-tube
Front Mech: Shimano Ultegra Di2 6800
Rear Mech: Shimano Ultegra Di2 6800

Saddle: Adam Attack
Seat Post: Felt B16
Seat Post Clamp: Felt B16 integrated

Cranks: SRAM Quarq D-zero 172.5mm 130BCD
Chainring(s): Stronglight 54/42
Chain: SRAM PC1130
Cassette: Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-23
Pedals: Look Keo Blade (8nm)
Bottom Bracket: BB30 (Felt)

Front Wheel: Zipp 808
Rim: Zipp 820
Spokes: Sapim CX-RAY
Hub: Hope RS4 (16h)
Tube: Michelin
Tire: Michelin Pro 4 (23mm)

Rear Wheel: Zipp 808
Rim: Zipp 820
Spokes: Sapim CX-RAY
Hub: Hope RS4 (20h)
Tube: Michelin
Tire: Michelin Pro 4 (23mm)

Accessories: To be added

Weight: More than I thought - It's a flat TT bike though

Other info:

This project started out as a replacement for my 2005 Quintano Roo Kilo which I've loved riding for 12 years and developed a crack at the seat clamp (too many pies eaten by me). As things have moved a long long way since 2005, I decided to spend my Bike4Work voucher on a Felt B16, and build it up as my hack TT training bike.

Sadly, it didn't pan out like that and I ended up changing pretty much everything except the frame, forks, seatpin and headset.

The plan was to replicate the postion of my race TT Cervelo P3 as closely as I could, which meant getting a pair of 3T Ventus IIs which I managed to find second hand over the winter. I also really fancied Di2, having got used to it on my other road bikes. As the 'Powertapped' Cosmics that I used to use on my Kilo had yellow stickers, the aesthetics clashed somewhat with the yellow and black of the Felt, so I splashed out on a set of Quarq cranks and bolted on my old chain rings for power measurement duties.

I picked up a set of Zipp 820 rims in a sale ages ago, bought as I don't always fancy carbon braking surfaces and prefer alloy when it's damp. I picked up a set of RS4 hubs from Hope in the wacky 16/20h drilling and got my friendly and very capable wheel builder to lace them up (http://www.ryanbuildswheels.co.uk). I was pleased how well these suited the bike when built up.

A quick trawl through the spares bin yielded some 23mm Michelins and I swapped the yellow Adamo from my scrapped Kilo for a white one.

A real impulse purchase was the TriRig Omega. Not sure if that was the most sensible purchase ever, but then, the stock caliper really was truly awful in both looks and operation.

Zipp Alumina Evo 110 extensions complete the look for the high-hands position that's fashionable nowadays.

Next steps are to sort out a pedestal arrangement to lower the base bars, get a Garmin mount and sort out the Di2 wiring bundle.

Here's the B16 as it arrived. I still have the wheels for when it's truly dire out there.



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    Wow, I wasnt expecting much when I clicked on this thread but that bike delivers.
    Great work, I'm sure its rapid but it also looks increible.
  • chunkytfg
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    Nice one.

    I did similar with my B16. Reframed my old P3 which was just to small for me and transferred all the bits across.

    Mines got ADR ultimate bars, SRAM force22, Flo 60mm/90mm wheels. Love it.
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