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Shimano dura DI2 ace shifter/levels

frankybadboyfrankybadboy Posts: 131
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right guys need your help if poss

just bought a new argon e-119 TRI BIKE with di,but no shifter on brake levels so looking to upgrade to full di shifters

ive got given a dura ace break/shifter st-9071 right side then i manged to buy the left level which i thought was the same its a dura ace st-7971
now the problem is the 9071 wire has 1 pin plug and the now i know older model 7971 has a 4pin plug in the wire.

so the question is,is there a way to join these two up with a converter etc ,as this is now a bit out my depth and me mechanic had a hoff :D

thanks for your help in advance or am i going to have to buy a new left level


  • Sorry to be the give you the news but there's now way this will work. The 7970 is the old, 1st generation, Di2 set-up. When The Ultegra 6770 series came out they switched everything to the Etube system.

    If the software is up to date and you could just use the RH brake shifter in synchro-shift mode and not bother with the LH shifter - this is what I do

    You''ll also need a junction B box to to connect to your existing system (unless it already has a 5-port Junction A)
  • frankybadboyfrankybadboy Posts: 131
    hey up steve,thanks for taking the time to reply

    thought it was as much :lol::lol::lol:

    got a new left hand one if you like (four pin)for sale :lol::lol::lol:
  • Ha, I'm on etube and made my own satellite shifter by breaking down a broken STI for the electrical bits... but thanks for the offer
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