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Help buying my first Cyclocross - Cannondale vs Genesis

El SelbEl Selb Posts: 137
edited June 2018 in Cyclocross
The last two bikes I've bought (both relieved of me outside London tescos :( ) I've fancied getting a CX but ended up getting a road bike as I didn't think I'd end up ultimately doing that much off the tarmac.

This time around I've moved 16 miles from work and most of my journey will be along gravelly canal towpaths, so some chunkier tyres and tougher frame is definitely in order. It's just which bike. It's currently looking like the Cannondale CAADX Tiagra 2018 Vs the Genesis Croix De Fer 20 2018.

If I ever wanted to do some long distance touring, the Genesis sounds like it could be a stronger and tougher option. But realistically not sure I will, as much as I'd like to. And it's also £300 over my budget, although I could stretch to it. The Croix De Fer 10 at £300 cheaper would be more affordable... would it be that much worse than the 20? Or is it worth spending the extra?

The Cannondale I'm guessing wouldn't be so good for touring (if I was to do any). But it's cheaper and looks like it has a similar spec to the genesis. Would it be faster than the Genesis on road?

Does anyone have any words of wisdom to help me between these two bikes? Or any other alternatives? I basically need a bike for roads, towpaths and gravelly paths... that could hold some weight for touring if I ever needed it. Budget approx £1k but could stretch it...

Many thanks


  • Can only speak to the CAADX, but I do everything on mine - it's a race geometry though, which you would need to see if you like. For a CX bike this doesn't mean it's slammed forward like it would for other race disciplines, it's actually quite upright with a high top tube, high-ish BB, shorter wheelbase - that sort of thing. I find it feels big for its size - I'm normally a 56 on most bikes but remember second-guessing that for the CAADX as it felt large [turns out it was the right size for me].

    If it's frame v frame then the CAADX is in a different league IMHO - CdF is elephantine in comparison. CAADX is easily tough enough as far as riding goes but you're right that a steel frame wears dents better. I don't like riding mine to work as leaving it in the bike shed with the bicycle lumpen proletariat is asking for a creased top tube. Of course there's the wheels and all the rest to consider. Does the CdF come with hydraulic disks at the price you're looking at? That would be a serious consideration for me as I have had it with cable disks at this point in time.
  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    CAADX all day long for me. But yeah, might be worth a test ride to check the position isn't too aggressive for you.
  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,934
    The CdF is the go to touring bike for a lot of people, they really are fantastic bikes. I'm tempted to replace my Equilibrium with one at some point but I think it might be too heavy for what I want it for. For what you want you might benefit from the lighter cannondale though, especially if it's better value. I'm sure you could always tour on the CAADX too, no idea if it has pannier mounts but bikepacking bags will fit, Planet X have some dirt cheap ones going at the moment if you wanted to be prepared
  • El SelbEl Selb Posts: 137
    Many thanks guys. Probably going to go for the CAADX. Being able to use the Genesis for what it's really built for is more of a pipe dream for the foreseeable!
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