Budget Hardtail: Scott Scale 730+ (2017) £749.99 v Voodoo Bizango (2018) £520

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Hi guys looking for some advice.

Currently own a Trek 3700d budget mtb. Originally bought it for canal path, easy cycles etc then discovered Glentress. Love riding there and only ever do the blue ones.

Fancy treating myself and have narrowed it down to the above 2. For someone with my basic riding abilities am I better going for the Scott or VooDoo? Will i get a noticeable better ride for the extra 200 quid?

Think i know the answer but would be good to get some expert opinions :wink:

Voodoo = http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/m ... B0EALw_wcB



  • mattyfez
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    I'm guessing it's the Scott thats £200 more, if it's this one:

    The Voodoo is better.

    Better fork
    More modern drivechain

    That's the only differences between them really.
  • joebristol
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    Looks like the Bizango also has better brakes as well as gears and fork. With the Scott you’re basically paying for the name.
  • mattyfez
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    Joebristol wrote:
    Looks like the Bizango also has better brakes as well as gears and fork. With the Scott you’re basically paying for the name.

    It's odd, in the voodoo description it says deore brakes, but in the tech spec it lists a lower model, but even if that's the case the lower model is on par with the brakes on the Scott, for argument sake, I think ones an acera and one's an altus. Whatevs.

    But agreed you are paying for the name with the Scott. My money would be on the bizango, the better fork and the lower price really is the deal maker with these two bikes imo. and then you've got change to spend on some accessories.

    Edit.. Looking at the bizango reviews it is miss specced on the Halfords website, so the brakes are basically the same on both bikes, acera /altus and the forks are Raidon air forks with 120mm travel, but they are still a good step up from the Xcr coil forks specified on the Scott.

    So the voodoo is still a better bike imo. And it's quite a bit cheaper.
  • billycool
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    Join British Cycling for £23 or £39 and get 10% off @ Halfords. The saving pays for your membership.

    "Ride, crash, replace"
  • Foxynjr
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    I've just bought the Voodoo for my son and at £468 it is brilliant.

    You really cant go wrong
  • tallpaul_s
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    The 2018 bizango just won the MBR best hardtail under £750, and with good reason.
  • Thanks for the input all.

    I've went for the VooDoo, seemed a no brainer especially with a further 10% discount through my GF's work. Quite surprised at it being on par if not better than the Scott, which is meant to have been more than double the VooDoo's RRP.

    Should hopefully have it built and riding on it this weekend. 8)
  • joebristol
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    Just a thought - if your budget extends to £750 then the Calibre Line10 is an option. 27.5” wheels vs the 29” of the Bizango but it’s won some recent bike tests for a hardcore budget hardtail.
  • mattyfez
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    You could argue the calibre line 10 is on par /slightly better /worse if they were a similar price.
    But as the voodoo is £220 cheaper, it's a moot point really.

    That money saved can buy you essential accessories, spare tube, puncture kit/co2, some chain lube etc and you still have spent less.
  • simong88
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    What about the Bizango 2018 vs Norco Fluid 2 HT 2018. I can get the Norco on cycle to work so only costs me £680 + £100 free accessories. £60 in it.