Front mech nightmare, no idea what happened...

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Greetings all from a beginning road cyclist! I'll get right into it:

I recently came back from a 120km ride across the Llŷn Peninsula with two cousins of mine. It went excellently, and we all had a blast. Two days later on my usual afternoon rides (short stuff really, 20 milers or less,) I noticed a grinding noise of some kind that was especially prominent when in higher gears. So after I got back and garaged the bike, I began tinkering around...

I diagnosed the problem as the derailleur cage rubbing on the chain slightly when in high gear (largest front cog - the smaller two were fine.) I removed the front mech and detached the cable, and that's where the disaster started. I can now no longer position the derailleur cage so that it doesn't rub on the chain. I've tried almost every way imaginable, and I fear I've botched it something awful. Much shouting and screaming has been had over the last two days, to no avail. I'm sorry I began messing around with it in the first place, as the general opinion seems to be it's quite a complicated arena for newbies (especially if one isn't mechanically minded...)

I'm considering taking it to my LBS in the next few days, as I simply don't know what to do. I'd rather not, having solved all of my comparatively minor maintenance issues myself with no issues, though road bikes are quite new to me. With the front mech, I don't see any real damage to any of the components, so obviously, I'm clearly not doing something right. That something however is beyond me. I've played with the adjusters, limiter screws, braze-on mounting with no luck.

Anyway, I fear I'm repeating myself! Any advice for a newbie? I've had a look at several threads on this website, Park Tools, etc, and none of them seem to address directly the problem I'm having.

Many thanks,



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    If you cannot follow the directions in the link below there is no hope and you will need to seek a friend or bike shop. If you have not got an in-line adjuster I would personally fit one since I find it helps with cable tension.

    Good luck!
  • Sandyballs, many thanks. Coincidentally, I'm halfway through that video as we speak! I've never seen it explained so clearly before. I think I'll let the remaining frustration subside and have another attempt tomorrow. I reckon I can take care of it thanks to this amazing PT boffin.


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    Well, is it working?