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Hi there

I am looking for some new lights for my bike. Looking for something powerful, that has a good flashing pattern that can be used to be seen in the day.

Priority is to be seen including the day.

I’ve looked at the Exposure Maxx D which seems very good but ideally would like something a bit cheaper.

magic shine seems good also but not sure whether I want a separate battery pack

Any suggestions please


  • cougie
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    To see by or just be seen ?
  • alim0229
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    Both really but definitely be seen by also
  • bendertherobot
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    Ravemen PR1200 seems to be the best choice at the moment
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    hi, Cateye volt 1200 is going cheap at the moment, very good light IME!
  • jeatsy
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    I don't own them so I can't vouch for them, but See Sense at says it'll increase brightness in risky situations such as when it detects a car ahead/behind, or when you're turning.
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    Get a lot of complaints about how bright my Bontrager ion 700 fronts are...even on the mid setting. On max it is incredible..

    And a couple of people on the last group requested I stay at the back with my bontrafet Flare r city rear light.

    Both of which i take as a recommendation, at least from a safety point of view.
  • defever
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    Good morning Alim0229,

    I was looking for a good light set for commuting just like you last September (thread: Bike lights for commuting - minefield!!) and this is what I got:
    defever wrote:

    Thanks everyone for continued advice and suggestions, it is so helpful to hear from fellow and experienced commuters.

    After getting lost in WWW reading reviews and watching YouTube clips, I decided to just go to some shops and actually see and feel some products.

    We went to Go Outdoors first (as we have the membership card) and I came out with this:

    Moon Moon Meteor X Auto & Arcturus Auto Light Set (£49.99)

    Just as I queued up at the till, I saw the "price match guarantee" post so I quickly Googled for prices elsewhere and there was a website which was selling the same set for £42.99. I asked the staff at the till very nicely about price match, showed the website, approved the price match guarantee + 10% price reduction...

    I paid a grand total of £37.00. I'm very happy with that price.

    I haven't yet tested out the lights in real situation but both front and rear lights are super bright, much better than the current set up. I feel very confident with this pair but lets see how it performs in real life situation.

    Thanks very much everyone for all your comments.

    Happy commuting!

    It has daylight flashing mode both front and rear and that's plenty during the day. Front has continuous 450 lumen with clear beam so that's more than plenty for night riding. Oncoming cars definitely recognises me. I think anything more than 450 (unless you go pitchdark off-road solo rides) is just too bright and blinds oncoming road users, which I think is as dangerous as not having a light.

    USB charging is very handy. Small, don't weigh much, the rubber straps are good too; they keep the lights secure and don't slip much (unless you go gravelling).