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Tyres on new bike

PraecepsPraeceps Posts: 6
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Hey there, I have recently bought a Voodoo Agwe. I'm not sure about my current tyres that came with the bike. The back wheel tends to skid easily around corners sometimes on tarmac, only going at 8-10mph at a rough guess so I'm not overdoing it at all.

What could the problem be? Tyre pressure? Tyres not that great quality? I've seen a few on here before mentioning the Voodoo Marasa tyres weren't the greatest(I'm sure they use the same tyre)

I'm also thinking of replacing the tyres. I know they're completely different tyres but here is what I've seen so far. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears.
Using the bike for mixed terrain. Tarmac and cycle bridleways.

Or tubless

I would appreciate the help. Thanks.


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    That's weird. Is it what they described here ... iew-51756/
  • N0bodyOfTheGoatN0bodyOfTheGoat Posts: 5,784
    I've yet to try a PX re-badged 2.3" Vee Speedster on my rear 29er wheelset for the Voodoo, I've been running one on the front for a few weeks. As I always feared with this £8 bargain, that central honeycomb tread is a magnet for small stones and glass, which will either puncture the tyre immediately or be driven into the tyre over time. I've had one puncture a couple of weeks back and appear to have a slow puncture currently, despite trying to minimise the honeycomb magnet effect by inflating them to near the maximum 50PSI.

    On the rear, I currently have one of my 38mm Marathon Cross. With a wire bead and a fairly chunky central "shield" shaped central tread they aren't featherweights at ~560g each, but they roll well on- and off-road and rarely puncture. With ~55/70PSI front/rear supporting my ~77Kg and my Voodoo's ~12Kg, they deal with my commute admirably over mixed terrain.
    At £14, they are a bargain IMO, I paid £20 each for mine ... -raceguard

    If you have clearance for 2.35" tyres, G-One Speeds are a fun mixed terrain dry summer tyre, but they aren't cheap. There's always the option of the 35mm or 40mm version, but I've yet to try those smaller sizes.
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    I think this thread is in the wrong forum, this is the Road General forum.
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