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Garmin 500 stuck at 20000 metres.

crakercraker Posts: 1,739
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It's actually on my desk at ~200m, Garmin seems to think we're in the stratosphere. Still I'm getting some good climbing stats off Strava :-)

So the unit's getting hot and the battery life is down to 1 hour or so; I guess the altimeter component has failed. Any fix worth considering? Opening it up and removing power to it somehow? (Don't fancy my chances on such a small board tbh).



  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 7,491
    If it's out of warranty Garmin do a very good replacement scheme.

    My 510 got a wet USB port and they replaced it like for like for £75.
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  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    The battery in the Edge 500 is very easy to replace. You just need the right tool to open it up, a pair of wire strippers, a hot glue gun and, of course, the replacement battery (I got mine on EBay from Germany for about £13). If I can do the job anybody can and I just followed a video found via Google. Sorry, can’t provide links at the moment as I am on an IPad and it’s a pain in the 4rse but I could probably do it later if you were interested. Of course,that might not sort out the heat or your altimeter issue but that could be as simple as a system reset or setting an altitude point.
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  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Yes I had considered changing the battery, I now think it's probably OK but hammered by a faulty component.

    I'll try Garmin, I'll stump up for a replacement if the deal's OK.
  • Sutton_RiderSutton_Rider Posts: 482
    The battery is most likely fine. If it's getting hot then there is something pulling a lot of current out of it. As you have said a fault on the PCB. The chance of fixing it with or without circuit diagrams etc are I would say are zero.
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  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    The chance of fixing it with or without circuit diagrams etc are I would say are zero.

    My company does the PCB routing tools for Garmin and there's just a chance we've the layout kicking around somewhere (I have been asking) :D
    Chances of being able to desolder a teeny tiny surface mount device are not high.
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