Fulgaz problem since iOS 11.4 update

robu Posts: 26
Is anyone else having problems with using Fulgaz since the update of iOS to 11.4?

Previously I mirrored Fulgaz from my iPhone to my MacBook using USB, just to be able to see it on a larger screen. It worked perfectly. Then the latest update of iOS installed itself on my iPhone. I can still mirror Fulgaz to my MacBook (and other Macs) and navigate through menus etc, but as soon as I start the ride, the video disappears from my iPhone and MacBook. If I pull out the USB-lightning connector, the video immediately returns on my iPhone (obvs not on the MacBook).

I’ve tried it with various different Macs and it’s the same with every one, so I’m assuming it’s something to do with the iPhone and probably the latest iOS update, which appears to have a new feature - USB restricted mode - which is intended to prevent snooping on your data by outside parties.

Anyone got any ideas or similar experiences?