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Saddle replacement for Brooks C17

MrFabMrFab Posts: 2
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Dear community,

I ride a Spot Acme for commuting and occasional touring and I am sitting on an angled position with my weight properly put on my sit bones.
I've been using a Brooks C17 saddle which I've always found rather hard but never minded too much on short distances (<30mins rides). Recently I went on a two days tour and following happened after about 1.5hr riding:

1) Numbness on the front of my groin
2) Pain around the sit bones (had to stretch out of the saddle mutiple times)

I could partly remediate 1) by sligtlhy tilting down the front o the saddle so as to reduce pressure.
However 2) was unchanged.

At this point I think I need a different saddle and I am looking for suggestions before I go out and try some.
I am 6'2" tall and 215lb heavy.

Thanks a lot in advance!



  • jeatsyjeatsy Posts: 26
    I'm in the same boat as you. Bought a C17 in January and done about 1,000 miles on it, mainly an hour a day commuting. Now summer has arrived, I'm doing longer rides and finding the C17 tough on the sit bones after about an hour.

    Last weekend I put my old B17 (the leather version of the C17) back on the bike and was shocked at how comfortable it was. The idea of a leather saddle is that, over time (and it does take a few months), it'll mould itself to your shape, as it were. Honestly, it was like sitting on a jelly mould of my rear.

    The reason I switched in the first place was that the leather had stretched due to rain exposure, causing some perineal pressure. So I'll be buying another B17 and this time I'll be using a rain cover if it's parked outside. If you're happy with the shape of your C17 but just don't like the firmness, that's what I'd suggest you try too. Just beware it'll be hard for a few rides before it beds in.
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