Whyte T130 SR 2018

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Im looking at the Whyte T130 sr to buy. It's on offer for £1899, and I was wondering if anybody has some experience with it. If it's a good bike,etc. Thankyou


  • steve_sordy
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    I have a Whyte T130 and it is a brilliant bike! The bike won Trail Bike of the Year when it came out and the geometry is the same now as it was then. I used to ride a 140 trail bike before then and a 150 All Mountain before that and I would take it to the same places as I did them, with full confidence. The bike rides as though it has more suspension than 130 mm, but I mean in a good way. You will find it easy to set up out of the box as it were, but the more time you invest in tuning the suspension the better it will be. Unlike bikes that have been designed for use in American or the continent of Europe, the Whyte has been designed for British conditions. That means that all the bearings are really well sealed against the wet and sh1te found over here in the winter (with the possible exception of the BB). As long as the bike fits you properly, then buy with confidence.

    The bike is robust, will last for ages and will take pretty much all you can chuck at it. But it is not an XC bike; you will be able to get a lighter bike for your money. This is a proper trail bike.
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    Ye I will be using it for trail riding. Just can't decide between this and the Vitus Escarpe VR. Feel the whyte might be better build,etc
  • tallpaul_s
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    I own an Escarpe VR and if you're got the choice of the Whyte at £1899 and the Escarpe at £1665 and you're happy to pay the extra, get the Whyte.

    They're VERY similar bikes TBH, The whyte is a little better specced, the fox forks won't be quite as stiff but they're a bit more plush than the RS revelations, better over small bumps. The frame on The Whyte will be a bit nice, some nicer little finishing touches.

    I love my escarpe and vs the Whyte at the full price it's much better value, but with only £200-odd separating them it's much closer. The T130 is a great all round trail bike, 130mm travel and not too slack or long so will be good fun on tight singletrack and general trailriding.
  • rsmart84
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    Ok thank you
  • pkysela
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    Just wondering what you have decided?

    I'm looking at both of these bikes now too and the Whyte T130 SR can be bought for £1700

    though sourcing the XL might be an issue for me, I'm 187cm tall and had Whyte 901 XL which was perfect [until it got stolen :( ]
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    Just ordered the Vitus Escarpe VR 27.5, with CRC's 10% sale and British cycling 10% off voucher it came to just under £1500.
    I'm very happy with that.
    I wouldn't get the £300 more expensive Whyte passed my wife :-)