Pacenti rims thoughts

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I have had 2 rear CL25 rims split around the circumference starting each side of the spoke holes. Both of the drive side spoke holes. Wheels built by different people and the 2nd was most definitely built within tension limits as recommended by the importer who provided it as a warranty job. Hope XC hub. Use mostly as road but some rough stuff but doubt the second had done 1000 miles almost always with tubeless tyres. Not inclined to get another.
I also have SL25's from Superstar. Mostly road miles plus a bit of gravel and also running tubeless .My main wheels for at least 2 years. Any one had any experiences of them failing? Need to replace with something similar bur can't spend a lot .
Suggestions in this respect?


  • champson
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    They look great IMHO but too many stories from wheel builders as well as general public for me to risk them.
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    Mist sl23's cracked, lots of ck25's did and a few SL25's have too.

    The Forza rim and brevet are different. They have been made properly. The spoke nipple bed is much thicker.

    There are equally good rims that are cheaper though made by kinlin. They don't look as good though. -wheel building and other stuff.