New Garmin 520 plus losing satellites

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Hi, had an old Edge 500, for 4 years, did hundreds of rides, not one single issue.
Garmin 520 Plus purchased ( with mapping) done three rides, first one a short 25 mls, no issues, 2nd ride, lost satellites at 45 mls and took 15 further to sort its life out, 3rd ride, same again, mile 48, loses satellites for 10 miles. Same roads Ive ridden along countless times with Edge 500 without issue.
Any else having issues a couple of hours into their rides with 520's losing satellites and if so, any fixes?. All firmware , syncing up to date.


  • Nick Payne
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    I had the same problem with a 1030 I purchased a few months ago, though Garmin seem to have fixed it for the 1030 with an update to the GPS software a few weeks back, as I haven't experienced it lately. When I was having the problem, I found that the fix was, as soon as it started to lose satellites, to go into the GPS settings and flip the setting (ie from GPS only to GPS+GLONASS or from GPS+GLONASS to GPS only). And then if the problem happened again further into the ride, go to GPS settings and flip to setting again. Annoying to do but it did (temporarily) fix the problem.

    Have you checked if your 520 is current with firmware?