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CX bike for road use

Rhod81Rhod81 Posts: 116
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Hi all,

No doubt this has been covered elsewhere so apologies.

I'm looking for an autumn/winter/commuter. I figured a CX bike would be the best bet as they're a bit more "sturdy", the geometry would be more familiar than a gravel-bike and it'll also do some light off-road duties.

I'm looking at a Cube Cross Race SL pro from Evans Cycles (I'll get £150 trade in with my old knackered bike). Components look good, hydraulic brakes, etc.

My only concern is a lack of familiarity with the gearing so hopefully someone out there has already experienced it!!! On my main bike I run a 52/39 with 11-32 cassette. I tend to average 17-18mph. The Cube is a single chainring (40) with a 11-36 cassette.

Excluding tyre-related drag, will the Cube be noticeably slower? Would it be pretty much like riding my main bike on the small chainring with the 11 on the back? Would one extra tooth make a difference?



  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Have a play with the figures on this website and compare the speeds/ratios and see how much different they are, there will be some but not a lot.

    I'm riding a 40t with 12-28 cassette and find it suits my speeds and had to ride 50/39 12/28 for a week and the bike with the double chainset was slightly faster but not much.
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  • molteni_manmolteni_man Posts: 437
    Have a look at the Orro Terra. Bought mine for the same purpose as you last year. It’s not a CX bike but just great fun and well planted on winter roads and when I commute. I took it out today for a blast up an old railway line, some roads and some woods and came back with a big grin from just doing something different for a change. Went with a friend who has a Focus Paralane which is v similar ( and comes with bespoke mudguards too) .
    I bought the SE version last year which came with hydraulic brakes and decent components. 105 works well too. Compact with 11/ 28.Was a v good price at £1400 but know have gone up. It’s not a slow bike either!
    Worth considering! If I had to just have one bike I think this , or similar would be it!
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    My cx bike with road tyres is as fast as my carbon summer bike.
  • PhilipPirripPhilipPirrip Posts: 616
    If your primary purpose for a bike is winter and commuter riding why buy a bike without at least mudguard eyes and possibly rack mounts?

    There's plenty of choice of fast winter/commuter suitable disc equipped bikes out there that'll take mudguards which can be removed and either slick tyres for the road or wider treaded tyres for the trails could be fitted.
  • Rhod81Rhod81 Posts: 116
    Thanks all, great help.

    @redvee that's a great site. Very interesting, thanks.

    @PhilipPirrip I get what you mean, and I have weighed up a few options. As I said, I'm favouring Evans's offerings moreso, as the trade-in deal will keep the Mrs happy. I have looked at their "Adventure" bikes/Gravel bikes, etc but the geometry looks a bit too relaxed for my liking. Also, for an equivalent cost of the bike, the level of componentry is several levels lower. As for a more "traditional" winter roadie, hypothetically if I could fit chunky tyres onto my road bike, I'm not too sure I would want to...

    Though I do agree about the lack of eyelets... That is the one thing that is putting me off :-/
  • Rhod81Rhod81 Posts: 116
    And @Molteni Man

    Thanks !

    Just had a look at the "Orro Terra"... Not one I've come across before but that looks ideal !!! Whilst I'm not planning on hitting any gnarly DH courses, I do live fairly local to Llandegla and Moel Famau.. My intention - come the wintery months - is to ride the road there, have a spin on some forest tracks and ride back
  • molteni_manmolteni_man Posts: 437
    Do check out the Focus Paralane too which Evans Cycles offer especially if you want to use the current trade in. The bespoke mudguards which come with the bike are really well made.
    Friend really rates this and v similar to The Orro Terra.
    Happy hunting!
  • dafljdaflj Posts: 20
    Has anyone test ridden / had any experience with the Orbea Terra (as opposed to the Orro Terra). Saw one in my LBS last week and it really looks the business
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