Need a replacement rear wheel.

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Hi all new to the forums, nice to meet you all.
I recently got my rear wheel stolen outside a public shopping area, how no one didnt see or say anything really annoys me. :x I guess im going to have to get another one to get back on the road.
My Bike is a calibre Two.two. ... ke-p383858
Any of you got any suggestions?


  • mattyfez
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    It's a fairly bog standard 26inch wheel with a nine speed cassette, so the good news is it's not massively expensive to replace.

    I'm supprised someone would go to the bother of nicking it really, rear wheels being more awkward to get off.. but chavs are chavs I guess.

    You could probably get a second hand replacement cheap, or do you want a brand new one?

    Are you a member of any local bike groups?

    Oh, and welcome!
  • Thanks Matty, I dont mind buying a 2nd hand one.
  • billycool
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    eBay is full of 2nd hand 26" wheels as the format is out of favour now.

    You should be able to pick up something sensible for less than £50.
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