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The new 26 "wheel - construction?

QuadicQuadic Posts: 2
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My rear wheel has ended its life. I need to build a new 26 "to XC. My rim No Tubes ZTR355 is still good. I want to use the Dartmoor Revolt Pro 135/10 hub. I need a good specialist to build this wheel.
Whom you recommend near Maidstone, Rochester


  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,593
    If you don't have any luck finding a specialist you could assemble the wheel yourself (the are various tools/websites to help you calculate spoke length) then take it to your LBS for a "true" :)

    A LBS should be able to do it for you though.

    Unless all your nipples are supple (ooerr) and you don't lose any in the rim you'll need a new rim strip, unless they are reusable?
  • JoebristolJoebristol Posts: 326
    Just on this point my freewheel in an ancient (1999 I think) Sachs hub has given up the ghost on my hardtail. Almost no chance of finding a new freewheel as it’s not compatible with anything I can find. I’ve left it with my lbs to see if they have any joy tracking something down.

    In the meantime I’m going to have a go at building my own wheel. Got an XT hub coming tomorrow (£35), got spokes and a spoke key from a company called cycle basket in Wales who were really helpful with calculating spoke lengths. I’d had a go and found out all thre relevant hub information and they confirmed what I’d worked out. Spokes arrived next day.

    Got a bargain 26” Wtb st i25 rim from CRC for £12.49 and once the hub arrives I’m just going to go for it with a 3 cross build.

    If I manage it that’s a new back wheel for just over £60 with spokes.

    Just to add your lbs might bot be interested in trying / fixing your new wheel - or if they do it probably won’t be much cheaper than them building the wheel for you.

    My lbs charge £50’to build a wheel, or £40 to change out a rim or a hub on an existing wheel. Both charges are labour only.
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