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Help to identify my frame.

alanb1alanb1 Posts: 4
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It has the serial on the non drive side rear drop out "172979" although the first number could be something else.
It has a headset oiling port and a bottom bracket oiling port and I believe it used to have chrome front lower on the forks and possibly on the dropouts. Everything is brazed and the bottom bracket is English threaded, when I got it it had a TDC C4 bottom bracket. 27" wheels but the front forks only fits a smaller axle. The front wheel is a duralite made in birmingham whereas the back is an atom made in france, not sure which is original because the back is chromed steel and front is alloy.
I'm not sure what steel it is, but it weight 2.75 kg.
here's the photos:


  • Early 1950's "Flying Scot" maybe ? .. see ... 983909442/
  • alanb1alanb1 Posts: 4
    Early 1950's "Flying Scot" maybe ? .. see ... 983909442/

    Perhaps but I can't find any lugs that are the same, there are similar, but not the same, and the serial number doesn't match the system that is on ... mbers.html , unless it was built before 1936 which I think is quite unlikely and did they really build (1)72979 of them?
    The forks look similar with the rectangular cutout so it looks the closest out of all the brands I've seen so far.

    I've found on the catalogue some similarities, BOA pedals, and I think it used to have a simplex derailleur however it had a sachs huret when I got it.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,021
    alanb1 wrote:
    and did they really build (1)72979 of them?

    Don't ever assume that the frame number represents the cumulative production total. Frame numbers can contain all kinds of different references like model year, month or batch number and it's quite likely that only the last two or three numbers may represent the production total...or maybe it's the first three, who knows. You won't know unless or until you identify the manufacturer and establish what numerical/referencing convention they used...
  • alanb1alanb1 Posts: 4
    just noticed it also has the serial on the back of the fork steerer, with either a 6 or a 9 above it.
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