missing universal link: is there a correct direction? front/back

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Hi all,

when installing a missing link (SRAM, KMC, Wipperman) is there a direction? left/right/front facing? Inspecting the left and right links they appear identical, so I assume there is no direction as such?



  • sungod
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    depends on the link, in some cases it matters...

    i.e. for a connex 11sp, you fit it so that on the chain running from chainring to rear mech (i.e. the lower path) the 11 on the side plate is the right way up (as indicated by the line underneath the 11)
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  • grenw
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    All I know is there is no direction for KMC links
  • sungod
    sungod Posts: 16,517
    if there's no visible asymmetry then it's safe to assume you just fit the link either way around
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