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GDPR-Related Pop-up

The interstitial that wants you to grant full access to every last detail about you doesn't seem to have a good memory. It pops up, I go and de-select everything, click "Save", close the browser down, and when I re-open the browser, not only do I get the interstitial again, it's enabled all the third party access again. Isn't pre-selecting options like that a bit contrary to the new GDPR stuff?

And no, I'm not blocking cookies and not using an ad blocker.

I don't mind setting preferences once, but setting them every time is a pain, and for the site to pre-select third-party access is fairly unforgiveable...


  • FishFish wrote:
    And learn when to use words like 'intersticial' rather than using them incorrectly.

    If you're going to ask someone to use a word correctly, at least make the effort to spell it correctly yourself :)

    Anyway, I think my usage was correct. See, which says "On the web, interstitials are web pages displayed before or after an expected content page". That sounds like a good description of what's happening.
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