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XLS frame, bottom bracket, lessons learned

jds_1981jds_1981 Posts: 1,858
edited May 2018 in Cyclocross
I have an older XLS frame that takes a PF bottom bracket.
For ages used a screw in adapter for Shimano.
Eventually moved to bb386, so changed to an actual pf30. This went a bit grindy very quickly.
Got another one and realised that one side was rough freshly installed. Tried refitting a few times and seems it must have been due to the frame. Couldn't resolve.
I have now however just bought a wheels manufacturing threaded one. The drive side just slid in with my fingers and other side fitted easily. Even better there was no roughness so looks like my problem is resolved.
If anyone else encounters the same problem this information might help them out..
FCN 9 || FCN 5
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