Will 28x700c tyres fit rims for my Boardman hybrid comp

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So I recently bought a Boardman hybrid comp (link below) and have done less than 300 miles on the thing before getting a puncture. I'm going to replace both tyres with Schwalbe Marathons (link below) as I have used them before and find them pretty awesome a preventing such incidents. Id also like to reduce the tyre width from the 32x700C down to 28x700c but I am worried they won't fit the rims properly and don't really know about bead sizes or anything like that.
Any help would be awesome :)

Bike: http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bikes/h ... 9cm-frames

Tyre (28c): http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-pa ... re-700x28c


  • timothyw
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    They'll be fine.
  • milemuncher1
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    The internal rim width is suitable for 28 mm tyres on the stock rims.
  • mmorgaa
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    thanks very much guys :)
  • bendip
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    i use these on my team hybrid commuter..excellent tyres..might save you a few quid over halfords

    https://www.spacycles.co.uk/m2b0s142p30 ... uard-HS420
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  • germcevoy
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    The rims take the 28 fine. The 28's I use actually come up a little narrow on the narrow rim. If your preferred tyre comes in a 32 then I would stay with that size. More volume means you can run them at lower pressures than the equivalent tyre in 28 which will give you a bit more comfort. In either case, the rims are no cause for concern.