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Evan Cycles new bike

scooter15scooter15 Posts: 41
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hello, im thinking of buying a new hardtail mb from evans soon. they said they give you free servicing at 6 weeks and what not and any problems with bike just bring it straight back. its the main store in glasgow and the staff there seemed knowledgeable and polite enough, and anybike not instore they can bring in for me to look etc free of charge. is evan cycles a good store buy?

price range for me right now is about 400 to 450 max. i do want it to cycle to gym but cant risk having expensive bike getting nicked.

any comments welcome.


  • mattyfezmattyfez Posts: 638
    They are fine in my experience, my local one is quite decent.
    Any new bike should come with a free service at 6 weeks or so, it's not really a service as such, it's more to check all the bolts are tight etc. As they can work loose on a brand new bike and just want nipping up a bit.
  • If you don't want your bike nicked, buy a banged up old one and use a really expensive lock on it? If it's worth well over 200 it's gonna get nicked, even if in front of a gym.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    I have a hack bike for that sort of use, it’s the only one I leave out unattended in town, it’s cost me about £30, the locks cost about the same.
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  • kirkymtbkirkymtb Posts: 31
    My son's Trek Fuel EX8 may have come with £750 off but the pre delivery inspection was a joke. The rear mech pushed the chain of and it jammed in the gap between the cassette and spokes. We didn't bother with the 6 week service after that. This was from the Preston store and I'm sure that, like Halfords, individual stores vary widely. My local Halfords are really quite good, believe it or not.
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  • scooter15scooter15 Posts: 41
    thanks for the advice cheers, wish me luck
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