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Suntour XCM Crank / BB advice

timbo_timtimbo_tim Posts: 199
edited May 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all

I was wondering if someone could assist with a BB/ chainset question. I have the following chainset on my Boardman : and wondered:

a) how to remove the cranks - I think its just an allen key but wasn't sure - do I unscrew Non-drive side and the axle bit can be pushed through?

b) in order to remove / service / change the BB. I am guessing nothing more complex than a 16 notch external cup tool - does that look about right?

Sorry for the stupid questions - I'm only used to basic square taper maintenance...



  • wilberforcewilberforce Posts: 210
    Yes, from the photos it is a case of removing NDS crank arm and then chainset should be removable. You may need to tap it with mallet from NDS.

    BB should unscrew with removal tool as you suggest. drive side thread is a left-hand thread
  • timbo_timtimbo_tim Posts: 199
    Perfect - many thanks - looks like this could be a relatively quick fix then...
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