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I have some Ti Zeros and one of the them has reached the end of it's life - the bearings are shot and it has worked loose. Given the RRP of replacements, how easy is it to get them repaired/refurbished? And who is able/best-placed? Suffice to say, I am incapable of overcoming such technical challenge!

Thanks in advance!


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    Bearings or full replacement kits (genuine Speedplay or alternative suppliers) are relatively cheap and easy to source, just google it. Replacement is easy and shouldn't take more than half an hour, again, you can google for instructions. If you still feel like it's beyond your capabilities any decent LBS will be able to do this for you.
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    Few years ago LBS ordered me a rebuild kit as per Speedplay website. When I went to collect it, it couldn't be found so they gave me loads of bits, enough to make nearly two new pedals.

    Wherever you end up with, keep them well greased.
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    were you injecting grease in when they needed it? they should last a long long time if kept greased, but run dry and they'll fail

    anyway, options...
    there are three bearings per pedal, needle bearing pressed into the body and the main two ball bearings
    if the needle bearings are ok, all you need are the main bearings
    if the needle bearings are shot, you can get them (not from speedplay) or you can get a rebuild kit (which does not include the main bearings)
    if all are shot, you need all of them

    if the pedal bodies and bowties are ok, ignore the rebuild kit as it's terrible value, especially the ti one, just get bearings, for instance...
    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPEEDPLAY-PE ... 2761223486

    if you can't handle replacing them, get a quote from a bike shop
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    Thanks for the replies...........I think I'll take it to my LBS!
    Had a look at the online videos and I suspect there's ample scope for a hamfisted amateur like me round out torx screws and render the pedals useless. Surprised by the cost of replacement bearing kits though..........and not pleasantly surprised either! :shock:
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    get the ebay set, which includes seals, clips, screws, there's no special magic stuff in the branded kits
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