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Specialized Allez 2013 Bearings

schteeschtee Posts: 3
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Hi, i'm after some advice regarding replacing the headset bearings on my Specialized Allez 2013. The lower bearings were rusted and jammed just above the crown race and when attempting to prise them away they came apart and I ended up losing some. The upper set just needed a clean really but in the process of reassembling I've managed to damage the seal which has left it unusable.

I have done a few searches and found the Cane Creek 1 1/8" S2/S3/ZS2/IS2 recommended to some for Specialized models which have the same original bearings as mine, which listed on the bike spec as '1-1/8" sealed Cr-Mo cartridge bearings integrated w/ headset'. I bought this set and while they fit OK they have left a larger gap between the crown race and the steering tube, a few mm larger than the original set did. I've managed to reassemble the headset and there's no play in it i'm just concerned about this gap as I see it being a problem in the future with regards to getting water and debris in. The upper bearings fit snug into the frame and the lock ring also fits as it should, it's just the lower that doesn't appear to fit as they should.

Has anybody with a similar spec bike managed to successfully replace the original bearings? I've read posts from a few years ago on this forum by people having a similar dilemma but unfortunately wasn't able to find a definitive answer!



  • If you PM me your email address, I can send you a Specialized document I acquired somewhere on the web that has the bearings for each Allez model listed. I’d attach it to this post but can’t see how to!
  • schteeschtee Posts: 3
    Hi, thanks for the reply. I think i've seen the document you refer to but unfortunately it never really helped me find anything other than what I've bought already. I also used the Cane Creek tool but it's still difficult to find the exact bearings listed. When searching for the ones listed all i've found are links to the ones which i've purchased, though saying that i've since found a link to 'Specialized FUSE 4 IMPACT INTEGRATED 1-1/8' which appears to be what I need though does include extras which I don't. May have to bite the bullet and buy this if there's no workaround with the cane creek set.
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    I recall a friend just contacted Specialized who provided him with a spec. document showing the angles and universal bearing number for his bike. Probably be best to go straight to the USA site.
  • jp4uriojp4urio Posts: 16
    I’ve been in your position, searching every corner of the web for information on this and trying to chase it down with Specialized for my MY15 Allez.

    In the end the cartridge bearings recommended everywhere are marginally too tall. You have the correct set, the only ones that fit properly are the standard Specialized open bearing replacements, as I ride in the rain I wasn’t happy with those. I ended up using one of the cartridge bearings at the fork race, and the serviced original bearings at the top race with some quality grease (blue lithium, which is designed for marine applications apparently and fends off moisture). The top bearings get very little abuse anyway I’m told. There are no bearings of the correct stack height available, at least outside of the depths of an industrial bearing catalogue, and I didn’t have any luck finding one there either.

    The fork is now not totally flush with the head tube as yours is. It annoyed me a little at first but last I’d far rather have it than have to change the bearings every 6 months, now I’m used to it it’s fine.

    A very poor effort by Spesh using such odd bearings on such a popular bike for so long. Luckily it’s the only low quality part I’ve discovered and the frame is otherwise brilliant.

    For anyone else that digs this out, the bearings I bought were the Ritchey Pro Drop In Headset Bearings; ... -prod62162

    The ones I needed were ‘Campy Spec’. The races on your existing bearings have the size and angle specifications you need to match, just to make sure.
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