Specialized Saddle Structure Compromised ?

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Hi picked up this Specialized saddle. Was just wondering if the 'break' in the plastic at the back would compromise the structure of the saddle [100 kg rider]. Am worried it may sag the saddle.

Also when I shake the saddle it has a really bad rattle, not sure where it comes from, I may take off the rear gaurd / support but the screws look like they have seen better days.

Only a simple think but any sensible thoughts welcome, thanks, scurry


  • arthur_scrimshaw
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    It looks like the decorative trim used to tidy up the edges of the fabric but hard to say if the crack will affect the rigidity a lot but it won't be helping that's for sure. TBH it looks ready for the bin but if you want to persevere it's your call.
  • arthur_scrimshaw
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    Looking at the mould date it is 10 years old - probably kindest to consign it to the bin.
  • keef66
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    Ditto; I think it's likely just the trim. Try it and see, you'll soon see if it's sagging.

    Something rattling inside it would annoy me no end if I could hear it when riding though. Might be able to silence it by drizzling a bit of superglue into any crevices and the points where the rails enter the shell
  • ascurrell
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    Thanks for replys guys. The actual rattling sounds more like a broken piece rattling / floating about so not sure if gluing crevices would help. I think I may have wasted my money, many thanks