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Diamondback hardtails

Frresh13Frresh13 Posts: 2
edited May 2018 in MTB beginners
Hi all complete newbie on the science and I have a choice of 3 bikes all diamondbacks

Sync 1.0
Sync 3.0
Heist 0.0

Will be used to travel to work 3 miles each way and hopefully to get out at the weekend to ride to see if I enjoy it before spending more money.

Any good or should I leave them all

These are the 3 I can get as they are available on credit


  • simono5simono5 Posts: 42
    My sons got a Heist 3.0. Think it's great, looks good, good spec and excellent value. Appreciate it's not on the list but happy with the db brand.
  • tomb57tomb57 Posts: 2,043
    I’ve had two diamond backs synch 3.0 and heist 1.0 (2017) think they are great bikes,
    I only ride trails no downhill these more than coped with anything I’ve ridden .
    Whoops who did that!
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