Shimano Claris Lever Rattle/Buzzing PERMANENT CURE

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:Hope this helps someone. The fault is SO irritating!

I've been trying to find a solution to this seemingly common problem since experiencing it on my "new" bike. It was really irritating and I found it was definitely spoiling riding. There appears to be no known definitive solution so here is my "cure"......
After several miles of pulling on the cable, pressing this and that, I too found that pulling up on the casing (around the pointer window) seemed the most effective at silencing the buzz on most road surfaces. I returned home and slid a cable tidy, edge on, into the gap that exists between the metal casing and the plastic. No more buzzing!! Bliss!! :D
Once I was happy that this was a cure, I trimmed the cable tidy down for a smarter appearance. I will fashion a better pad once I have found a suitable piece of plastic.
I realise that this may be considered as something of a "bodge" but it saves any stripping down or complex diagnostics. Try it - it works for me and I hope this is of help to others.
Having cured the problem as above, I needed to find the real reason for this rattle and hve now rectified it:
• Operate the brake lever and retain it fully back using tape
• Pull back and tape the rubber cover
• The top of the assembly is now exposed and you will see a very small retaining screw
• Undo this and set carefully aside
• Release tension on the front derailleur cable (undo the retaining allen screw). I marked the position for quick reassembly
• Carefully pull the black plastic cover away (take care not to dislodge or damage the red indicator needle)
• You will now see the mechanism and a floating spacer over the retaining nut (it is loose and may come away with the cover – or drop out! :o )
• This spacer is what actually rattles/buzzes - I liberally greased this and placed it back on the shaft
• Carefully reassemble and reattach the front draillier cable