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Pisgan national forest near Hendersonville

shelton20shelton20 Posts: 2
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The Mountains near Hendersonville are a paradise for doing downhill and mountain biking. So last Weekend Mo and I decided to go there. Especially downhill fans will really like the second parts. There are also nice chances for a few jumps. Three hours later we arrived and it started raining. Still, we decided to go up and I did not regret this decision. After going up half an hours it stopped raining and we had a beautiful view!


I highly recommend the black mountain loop, which is very well accessible by car from the 280 from the little village Ecusta.


You can find the exact course on We just had a few problems to keep on track as we were on the top of the mountain. Instead of going to the direction of Wolf Ford, you follow the track directly sharp down. If you see rivers, you are already too far!

Only, don't forget to check your bearings after rides like this. Especially synthetic bearings are not very handy for these environments. That's why I usually recommend switching to steel bushings when you are seriously interested in off-road biking. steel bushings are simply much more durable with all the hits they have to take and long lasting! SO I definitely recommend this route, but only for people with proper equipment ;-) And maybe not for beginners, as it get's very steep and slippery in some parts.
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