LEJoG/JoGLE Budgets

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Hi all
wondering if anyone can give advice/estimates on budgets for an end to end 9 days self supported. Looking at 3 options camping, hostels, and B&B's or a combination of all. I understand its a far reaching question but any ball park figure will do.


  • fenix
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    B&B's that I stay at are about £80 a night - so £720 or so at the top end.
    Youth Hostel about £35 for the one I go to.
    Camping less than that.

    Have fun.
  • craker
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    + you have to get transport, effectively the whole length of the country, down to the start and home from the finish.

    £200 +

    Daily food budget. Pub meal or a load of rice boiled on a camping stove? Say £20.
  • I find when I do self supported rides my food budget increases massively unless you want to troll around supermarkets

    Also have a look at campinmygarden.com as cheap alternative to wild camping and offer washing facilities etc
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