Age bands - U18 riders

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Hi, am putting on another 2 TTs this year, which are open to riders from 12yrs up to Vets, and all inbetween. We have a category of 'Junior' which will cover 12-U18 yrs old.

I've done these for quite a few years, but realised that we've never checked the U18 limit as every winner/podium placement has always been well under 18 (we capture D.O.B. on entry forms).

However, I'm trying to find out what U18 actually means. Bizarrely British Cycling has no info - page seems to be missing of their site. CTT define a Junior as "from his 16th birthday and until 31st December of the year in which his 18th birthday occurs", so presumably a U18 category can have riders over 18 in it, which seems odd to me, but I suppose is correct.

When my son was competing in athletics with his club but rules there were that you were only U13, U15, etc if you hadn't turned 13 or 15 by the end of the year.

I feel I should know all this but I don't. Can any other organisers shed any light on how a cycling U18 age group might be classified?

Thanks in advance...