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Looking for a bit of advice and recommendations.

Recently sold my full susser as I will be racing on the road for the summer, but am lining up a new MTB for next winter so I can get back on the trails.

For my next bike I would like a light hardtail, mainly for trails and XC riding, nothing DH.

Budget <£2k

Couple of questions:

1. Wheel size – had thought about a 29er, my old bike was 27.5. I’ve rode both in the past and didn’t notice a massive difference, but for distance/speed I assume that a 29er is the way to go?
2. Frame – got my first carbon road bike last year and I absolutely love it. Nice and light, responsive. My old MTB was aluminium and heavy as hell. Any reason why I shouldn’t go for a carbon frame?
3. Groupset – not familiar with MTB groupsets, my old bike was 2 x 10 Deore, but I’m keen to go 1x. What sort of groupset should I be looking at in my budget range?

I would be grateful if I could get a couple of recommendations too, I have no aversion to any particular brand and am fine with some of the bigger ones Giant, Cube etc.
Would also prefer to buy a bike I could test ride before so not keen on Canyon/Rose direct sale model.



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    I would suggest doing some searches on the forums. Your request is quite common and there will already be loads of posts to review. The other option is if you have seen something you like or if there are bikes you know you can test perhaps provide some links and people will review based on other better priced options / specs.

    In terms of your questions:

    1. The difference between the 2 is pretty minimal. I've ridden both and can't notice a huge difference. Obviously the 29er will roll faster but will be slightly less nimble on technical tight stuff, so preference will come down to what you are likely to ride.

    2. I've only ever ridden a mates carbon FS and I must admit it was nice and light compared to my bikes. Again, I would suggest it depends what you are looking for. If you do go for a carbon frame you maybe sacrificing some of the components at your price range.

    3. You'll get a decent 1x groupset at your price range. People have their own preferences on SRAM or Shimano, but ultimately majority of the high level groupsets are pretty good and reliable.
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    There appeared to be a couple of funny looking knobbly tyred bikes at the bottom of the Bike of the Year categories, maybe start there?
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    For me it depends on whether you are going to be racing on the MTB or just riding for fun?
    If I only had the one mountain bike, not for racing, and it had to be a hardtail, I'd probably go for a plus size bike, for example a Mondraker Prime R+ or a Trek Roscoe 9. Failing that you then have the likes of the Bird Zero TR, which I really like the look of, I may even talk Mrs W into letting me get one. The Bird has a 130mm Pike and if you are mainly riding in the winter you can change the tyres in your spec list (put a shorty on the front), I had a play and got a very good spec'd bike to be just over £1700. (Bird also now do a plus hardtail)

    If racing, or blasting around as fast as possible, then I'd possibly look at the Trek Procaliber, approx. 12kgs and carbon. But you lose out on all mountain ability due to it being a more focused race bike.
    I have a Procaliber, its most definitely a fast bike, but regardless of where I ride I almost always still opt for the full sus. I much prefer the fun I get from my full sus. I regularly ride at Thetford where the hardtail would be in its element, but even so I always prefer the extra weight but more fun from the full sus.

    In your price range you're going to get a very good bike. I think you just need to decide if light weight is really that important.

    With regards to gearing, I have SLX and GX Eagle. No preference for me. Both work fine. At a push I'd opt for the Eagle, but mainly because its newer.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys appreciate it
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    Thank you, was a useful topic, choosing new bike too!
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    Just an update, have decided on a Trek Procalibre as I will be XC racing on it. Any trail riding I do is fairly tame (I frequent Thetford also, and do a lot of bridleway bashing!) so I don't feel like a full sus gives me any advantage.

    Thanks again for the advice.