R8050/6870 mix

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I am in the process of grabbing some di2 parts. got a very good deal on the 8050 RD (up to a 30t max is a bonus) but I want to use this with the 6870 FD and shifters that I'm being offered online.

Question is will these work together, specifically the two derailleurs?



  • 964cup
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    Yes - all fully interoperable.

    Note that the RD will prevent you using the smallest three cogs on the cassette when in the small ring on the front- this is a new "feature" so don't panic when it happens.

    And you should be able to go to 32T without problems. I'm running a 9150RD on my otherwise 9070 setup with a 32T max cog and no issues.
  • chatlow
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    thanks - good to know they will work together. Still half tempted to wait and go for the 8050 shifters mostly due to the 3rd party buttons, but will decide soon.