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Good evening, I have recently acquired a Specialized Tricross 700 x 32c wheels 1 cog racing bike . The chain is rusty and I want to get a new chain, it has 102 links. What is the best type to purchase please? Thanks Kev


  • Nick Payne
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    There are a few additional things to consider, such as what speed the rear cassette is and how worn the teeth on the cassette are. If the existing cassette teeth are badly worn, a new chain will wear abnormally fast to match the worn cassette, and you should replace both chain and cassette at the same time.

    The number of cogs on the cassette determines what width of chain you need. Cassettes with more cogs have the cogs more closely spaced and require a narrower chain to fit. If the cassette has 11 cogs, you need an 11-speed chain, for 10 cogs a 10-speed chain, etc.

    And if you don't have a decent chain riveting tool, get a chain that uses a master link.

    If none of this makes much sense, you're better off visiting a decent bike shop and get them to check things.
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    If you have a single speed Tricross , then you'll need a single speed chain eg
    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/chai ... 4294963590

    The factory fitted chain was called 'KMC Z-510-HX 1-speed chain'
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    Thanks Pooter, all ordered today, your a Gentleman, Kev