105 rear brake feel

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I'm new to road bikes and cable brakes, the front brake lever feels super smooth so smooth in fact it feels like a disk brake.
The rear is smooth ish but you know theirs a cable operating it. I've changed the cable and that improved it but i still think it could be better.

Brakes are 105's

Being a newbie I worry about being on the hoods and having to emergency stop with out the full lever length.

Should both brakes have the same smoothness or will the back always be a bit more "cabley" due to the routing and length.

Thanks in advance


  • svetty
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    m3trackboy wrote:
    will the back always be a bit more "cabley" due to the routing and length.
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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    Back is rarely as good as the front, but you should be doing most of your braking with the front anyway. You could try fitting compressionless housing for better feel if it really bothers you.

    Internally routed rear brakes can be a bit less responsive / harder to fine tune.

    Sometimes the problem lies with the outer cable rather than the inner, so you might have to resort to replacing both.
  • Thanks for quick responses
    I think its just a case of getting use to something new!

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    Ya it's never going to be as good. I purposefully setup my brakes so that when I pull both levers equal distance, the front brake is exerting more braking force than the rear, thus creating a "brake bias"
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    The cable length is much greater to the rear, so it will feel different. You can get different spec / gauge cables, that may improve things, but it will always feel different to the front. As long as someone hasn’t done something daft, like use gear cable, for the rear brake, that’s probably what it’s down to.