Adding shift lever to SRAM 1x HRD rear brake lever... possible?

pedropete Posts: 227
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As per the title. Has anyone managed to fit a shift lever and mechanism to a 1x rear HRD brake (and front shift) lever unit?

I know people remove the shift lever and internals from Rival and Force 22 HRD front brifters to run as 1x, and that replacement shift levers and internals are available, but not sure if the factory 1x brifter (brake only) body would accept the parts. Anyone?

I’m running Rival 1 HRD and would like add a shift lever to the rear brake lever unit. Not to shift a front mech but to activate a dropper seatpost. Would prefer not to have to buy an entire Rival 22 HRD front brifter (too spendy) and definitely don’t want a stock dropper control lever as need access from tops and drops.