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My other half lovingly washed my commuter 2008 Specialized Sirrus a few months ago, but put it back in the shed when done. Unfortunately the front crankset is now covered in rust and shifting is becoming difficult (to be honest it needed changing anyway). I've booked it in to my lbs to have a full service, which includes new cables etc.

I want to change the original Sugino XD crankset for an old (but unused) Shimano FC2303 which I have. The only potential issue is that the old chainrings are 48-38-28 and the FC2303 has 52-42-30. I have a Sora long cage 8spd derailleur at the back. Can anyone forsee any issues with a straight swap? Both cranksets are square taper 113mm so there shouldn't be any problems with that.

Thanks in advance.
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    Longer chain should do it.

    You might get the rust off if you try - take a look online for how to.
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    Rust is a superficial thing... just wipe it off with an oily rag
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    Thanks for the advice guys. To be honest it's the original crankset and the teeth are worn on the chainrings so it all needs changing anyway (likely the main reason why it's not shifting properly any longer). I'll get a longer chain and take it in to my lbs so they can set the gearing up correctly.
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    Cruddy cables more likely.
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