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Vector 3 and Fizik RB5

ajkerr73ajkerr73 Posts: 312
edited April 2018 in Road general
I’ve recently purchased vector 3 pedals.

I’ve got the supplied cleats on a pair of Specialized shoes which work fine.

I’ve bought Keo cleats and fitted them to my FizikR5B and can’t get the cleats positioned on the shoe to keep the shoe clear of the crank. Not incidental crank rub, actually feeling the contact every revolution.

Is this a Keo cleats problem or do the shoes just not work with Vectors?


  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,678
    I use specialized shoes with my V3. Have several pairs, but only 1 has the original garmin cleats. The others i just use standard keo cleats and have no issues with shoe rubbing the crank.

    If you are struggling with it could you not use the pedal shim thing which is including with your v3 to move the pedals out a bit? It might be designed to stop longer pedals screws catching the chain, but i think it would solve your issue.
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