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Hi all, looking to get a set of summer/spring tyres for my Banshee Spitfire (27.5"). Local woods are rooty and can get a bit loamy but I don't mind a bit of drift. Currently running magic mary & rock razor for bikepark wales and local trail centres which I'll keep to swap out.

I end up doing quite a lot of distance when not in the bike park with weekend rides etc, so looking for something fast rolling; the Ikon caught my eye or the racing ralph.

Sorry for the repetitive question, just wondered if anyone has recommendations for speeding a lunk of bike up :)




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    Rock razor looks to be a pretty fast tyre for the rear, I'd get one myself but they are quite expensive, so I use a ralph on the back.

    If you want to stick with the same brand, I'd swap the front magic Mary for a rocket ron, or maybe a nobby nick as the Mary is quite heavy duty.

    Racing ralph it's just a little bit too twitchy for a front tyre but fine for a rear, in my opinion.
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    Rocket Ron (F) / Racing Ralph (R) is a good combo but tyre pressure can have a really noticeable effect on grip, particularly with the Ralph.

    Specialized Ground Control is a good tyre. Not too draggy and good grip. Or Fast Trak if you want something with less aggressive knobs.
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    I tend to go with an all around tyre on the front like Nobby Nick or Mountain King and faster tyre in harder compound rear like Racing Ralph or X King. The rear tyre made the most noticeable difference for me, I went from a Geax Goma in Super Soft 50A compound to a cheap wire bead X King and couldn't believe the difference it made. Grip was shocking in the wet and I was drifting at BPW. Was still fun though, I just had to watch it in the turns to to keep the back end under control. Just make sure the front is grippy enough for your riding, once it washes out there is very little you can do to correct it.
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    what about just changing the front tyre to something not as heavy duty to say a hans dampf etc?

    I've used high roller/ardent combination before which worked ok need to change my rear tyre back as currently running a minion dhr 2 which is a bit overkill currently for my riding.

    fancy getting another ardent again, was a great tyre until i had a screw in it riding back home from a local ride which trashed the tyre completely.
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    Hi all, thanks for the advice! I have a Conti Trail or Mountian king (I forget) which I tried on the front and kept washing out constantly - I use it as a rear over winter for better grip in the slop over the rock razor.

    I need to replace the RRazor anyway as it's cut to ribbons from abuse.

    I might replace the MM with a Rocket Ron and then just get a new Rock Razor for the rear? Although I'd like to try a more conventional tire sometime.

    I had an ardent race previously on a hardtail and it was brilliant. Pricey though..

    Cheers again, any more ideas welcome :)

  • swod1
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    while we are on the subject of fast rolling tyres has any one used the maxxis aggressor tyre as a rear tyre?

    I'm on the verge of buying an ardent for my bike but have come across this tyre which the tread pattern looks fast rolling but still grippy if the ground is a little wet etc.
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    This may or may not be useful:
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    The two I like are the Conti Race King Race sport (although the name has changed) and the IRC mythos. Both are similar for pace.

    I use both when it slightly wet and the mythos seems to have the edge there but neither is a wet tyre as mud sticks to them.
    Racing ralph would be my other choice. -wheel building and other stuff.