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New Bike: 5mile commute, occasional touring, alfine8 Hub with flat bars Posts: 2
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As per the title, i'm looking to replace my decaying older trek hybrid bike for something that will last a decent length of time and can do a bit of everything:

Budget approx £1,000
Musts: Hub gear (probably alfine 8 ), disc brakes, flat bars (I'm quite happy with this over drops), pannier rack and mudguards

Likely bikes:
Pinnacle Lithium Alfine 2018 - £850, needs mudguards & rack adding
Boardman Urban 8.9 - £850, as above
Cube Hyde Pro or Race £850/£950 As above & Belt rather than chain ( nexus hub on Pro)
Cube Travel SL or Pro Belt & rack & mudguards - £1150
Marin Nicasio Nexus rather than alfine hub - £850

Seems to be a few around 13kg at £850 (without extras) and a few more around the £1,000; is their much in it (aside from trying them all at my LBS)?

A few others...
Fahhard VSF T500
Kalkhoff Endeavour 8 - £900
Cannon Urban 5.0 £850
Skyline genesis 30


  • mark~pmark~p Posts: 55
    I have just been through a similar decision for my commuting bike. I have 8 miles each way, most on a dedicated cycleway with just the final mile on roads. For years I used a 3 x 9 of an obscure but highly specified make that was an insurance replacement. That lasted 13 years of all weather commuting before the frame cracked. I replaced that with a Peak Trail 1 that did fine until the inevitable drive train wear needed everything replacing. I was now fed up with replacing chains, cassettes and chainrings and as the crank also needed replacing decided to look at a hub setup.
    This is where it gets interesting as there are some Gates Carbon Drive bikes out there under the magical £1000. I specifically wanted an Alfine hub due to the mileage and the low maintenance and cleanliness of the Gates Belt appealed. I finally decided on a Cube Hyde Race and was able to pick up a 2017 model for just over £600.
    I have only done a couple of weeks but my impressions so far a great:
    It is very quiet
    The 8 speed Alfine, although slightly lower geared than the 11/46 with a 44 tooth front provides all the gears I need.
    The bike is light and I am also surprised at how quick it is.
    The new Alfine thumb changer feels very natural. The old twist grips were one of the points that had put me off in the past.
    Rigid forks am not as forgiving as the Suntours on the Peak Trail but it is only in a few places and the lower maintenance outweighs this.
    I just hope that the Afline hub and Gates Belt match up to the longevity that is claimed.
  • I just purchased the cube hyde pro 2018. love the carbon belt and hub gears such a smooth ride and quick also.
    Only downside I have with mine is the pedals are so close to the schwalbe big apple tyre my feet catch when turning, it is proofing to be an issue.
  • alan_shermanalan_sherman Posts: 1,157
    The dynamo hubs with lighting would be a real plus and worth a bit more cash for. The cube travel and Marin presido 4 look like good options.
  • alan_shermanalan_sherman Posts: 1,157
    Forgot to add: Revolution do some alternatives that are more money:

    And have you considered going dutch? Batavus Dinsdag Dutch Bike about £800
  • CitizenLeeCitizenLee Posts: 2,227
    I can highly recommend the Cube Hyde. I used to have the Pro before it got nicked and it was a great bike, possibly one of my favorites I've owned. I used to ride it on the potholed roads to work and on light trails/forest paths etc, and didn't once wish it has suspension forks as the big tyres give a good amount of cushion. The only thing I didn't like was the stock saddle, but a Charge Spoon soon sorted that.

    The Pinnacle Lithium Alfine looks good too and would be on my list if I was after another flat bar hybrid.

    @roylovell - You need to learn where to position your cranks when turning so your feet don't catch the wheel (turn to the left have your right crank back, turn to the right have your left crank back)... and also cycle on the balls of your feet rather than the middle. Should be less of an issue as you get used to the bike as you'll find you only do sharp turns at low speed anyway. You won't be turning that extremely at speed ;)
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