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Trail hardtail for 1k

Roo76Roo76 Posts: 21
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Hi, I'm in the market for a hardtail (trail/hardcore/angry/whatever you call it.) I'm working with a budget of about a grand and fancy something plus sized. The vitus sentier or nukeproof scout are looking like the favourites at the minute. Any other recommendations? Any reason to favour the nukeproof over the vitus?
Cheers all.


  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 3,959
    Not a personal recommendation but the Diamondback Heist 3.0 gets decent reviews so could be worth a look.
  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    Sonder Transmitter, just got one, cracking bike
  • JGTR wrote:
    Sonder Transmitter, just got one, cracking bike
    I've been looking at these too. Is it more focused for riding rough stuff and going down hills or would it also be a comfortable bike for day to day trails and local riding not at trail centers? Sorry to derail the thread but looking for a hardtail that would do a mix of duties comfortably :)
  • andyginandygin Posts: 2
    I bought a cheap second hand Trek last year to try to get back rising and I'm really enjoying going off-road again, so I am looking to upgrade - I have also set a 1k budget and I was looking at:
    - Sonder Transmitter
    - Norco Fluid 2 (not sure about the colour!)
    - Whyte 801
    - Scott Scale 980

    I've also seen a couple of second hand options:
    - Scott Scale 720 Carbon 27.5 XL for less than 1k.
    - Cannondale Trail 2 (2013) which looks great for £600.

    Does anyone have any opinions about any of these options - everyone seems to like the Sonder Transmitter, but are either of the second hand options worth a go?

    Any help would be appreciated - I'm going to see the Scott Scale 720 this morning!
  • mark_fogelmark_fogel Posts: 158
    Have a look at Planet X Deedar - always liked the look of this bike, may be one day I will actually buy one myself.
  • slc123slc123 Posts: 407
    I have a Cannondale trail.. I use it as my XC bike. Absolutely love it... Bulletproof, handles well enough and pretty capable.

    Only requirement for upgrades was pedals, tyres, stem and bars.
    Cannondale Trail 27.5 | 2015
    Titus El Chulo 27.5 | 2017
    Trek Slash 9 27.5 | 2015 (building)
  • andyginandygin Posts: 2
    It looks like some of those upgrades have been done: ... 1296304303
  • Roo76Roo76 Posts: 21
    My shopping lists getting longer. :lol:
    Been having a nosey around the sonder and they've got a shop in Hathersage which is only an hour away so going to go for a look on my next day off. I was mainly looking at the crc bikes because of the 10% British cycling discount. (I assume it can be used for bikes?) made them ridiculously good value.
  • Roo76Roo76 Posts: 21
    mark_fogel wrote:
    Have a look at Planet X Deedar - always liked the look of this bike, may be one day I will actually buy one myself.
    Is that price a typo? 1k for a steel frame, eagle drive train and reverb?
  • plugp7plugp7 Posts: 298
    Look at Mountain Biking UK latest copy (June).
    Tested 4 x £1K hardtails and Boardman came out on top.
    Worth a look IMO.
    Cotic Soul 26 inch. Whyte T130
  • hopeyeuhopeyeu Posts: 1
    edited May 2018
    Sonder Transmitter, just got one, cracking bike. Yeahhh I think so too

    dich vu giup viec nha uy tin giúp việc nhà quan 2
  • Roo76Roo76 Posts: 21
    The sonders don't seem to be available until august though... I'll try to be patient but the Vitus is ticking a lot of boxes. 8)
  • CharlieV453CharlieV453 Posts: 100
    I would go for the Vitus or the sonder. Both great bikes but I would avoid the diamond back as it has been recently reviewed by mbuk as too short and not very aggressive.
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