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First road bike?

capaccapac Posts: 6
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I've been riding my (cheap) bike a lot in the past year and I want to take it to the next level.

I don't know anything about road bikes, but I've always really wanted one.

I'm wondering what price range is a good starting point for a bike? Are sub 1000eur bikes worth getting?


  • yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
    An Alu frame with carbon fork, and tiagra or even better 105 groupset if you dont race is more than enough to do anything you want.

    Something like this for example
  • simon_esimon_e Posts: 1,706
    After the frame cracked on my 2007 Giant SCR road bike I bought a lightly used secondhand Trek (2016 model, RRP £600) and it is really nice to ride.

    Once you've reached a spec level that includes a carbon the main thing that pushes up the price is the groupset. 8 speed is fine, 9 speed (Sora) is more, 10 (Tiagra) costs more again... more gears doesn't make the bike any faster or nicer to ride.

    I'd recommend you do some research then visit a number of shops and see what models fit you,feels good and will appeal. Eventually you'll narrow it down to one or two that are right for you.
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  • Don't rush into spending too much money. I have a £600 when new much maligned on here Spesh Allez Sport and a considerably more expensive carbon bike and the Spesh is still by far the better ride.
  • capaccapac Posts: 6
    So tiagra or 105 with carbon forks and aluminum frame is worth a buy?
  • yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
    edited April 2018
    capac wrote:
    So tiagra or 105 with carbon forks and aluminum frame is worth a buy?

    If you are serious on cycling yes. I did 16000 km in 1.5 year on similar setup, then i said that i deserve a new shiny (and expensive) carbon bike, i stick on 105. More gears makes smoother changes, and they are lighter. Tiagra and especially 105 with the 11 sp is everything that i will ever need. I dont like something lower than that (claris/sora), other than the less gears i hate the brakes.

    As others said choosing the right size is crucial.
  • capaccapac Posts: 6
    Thanks everyone! The decathlon bike looks pretty cool, will check it out, in my price range as well!
  • I would recommend the Shimano Aluminum Road bicycle. that's what im using atm and it's definitely worth it :)
  • AX10AX10 Posts: 5
    Had a similar question to you. I've just purchased the Giant SL 2 Contend (2017), which has had some pretty decent reviews. Comes with Tiagra (apart from brakes which can easily be upgraded for not huge price). Also the option for disc brakes for a little more.
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