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GATE (Forks question)

bobbydigitalbobbydigital Posts: 249
edited April 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
I'm just wondering what it means/does?

I have a little silver cap that says "gate" on a set of dual air rebas, right hand side and it seems to refine the lockout, is that all there is to it?


  • HortonHorton Posts: 327
    It is a bypass circuit for the compression damping and adjusts the blowoff valve so you can tune how the fork behaves when locked out. i.e. when fully or nearly locked out, you can adjust how easily you bypass the lockout and have normal travel when you hit a bump from having to hit something really hard to move to not that hard at all.

    It’s worth noting that even fully locked out and the floodgate set to maximum (hardest hit required to bypass the compression damping) there will still be a small bit of travel.
  • Nice one, that clears things up then.
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