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Slim fit mudguards

kingdavkingdav Posts: 417
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I refurbed a 2010 Allez as a commuter. Thread here (it predates me starting regularly posting on bikeradar)

2000 miles in it's going well but the rear SKS Bluemels mudguard has worn out and snapped at the bridge and was probably a bit tight anyway.

On the front I did have an old Crud RoadRacer mk2 but that snapped so I nicked a raceblade xl off my wife's bike that she never rides. That works fine but it's not a permanently fitting and rubs now and then. it looks a bit like one of these:

My current thoughts are raceblade long, thinking that the metal sections at the calipers will help with clearance.

The 2009/2010 Allez frame has rear rack/mudguard mounts, the forks aren't equipped with fixings but I can stick with the raceblade xl or do something with p-clips. I'm running 25mm gatorskins at the moment.

The Bluemels have a 5yr warranty and I've had approval but I'm awaiting Chainreaction vouchers refunding me the cost, replacement doesn't necessarily have to come from there.

So... What next?
Is there a go to mudguard choice?


  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    I've got those raceblade longs on my 2011 Allez - they're fine - nice and long - you do get a bit more censored around the brakes than with the crud RR and the rear mudguard doesn't extend down to the bottom bracket - but if you've got a bit of Crud RR left you could leave that in place.
    The annoying bits are
    1) the front extension vibrates as you ride along - clattering - I reduced this by putting a band over the brake and around the bracket
    2) If you have a flat - taking the wheels off means you unfasten the mudguards - you may be able to resolve this on the rear - but my bike doesn't have any guard/rack fittings at all - so the skewer mount is a positive and negative.
  • kingdavkingdav Posts: 417
    That sounds encouraging. The vouchers came through so I've ordered the raceblade long 2 from CRC. Fitting mudguards is always an adventure!
  • matador86matador86 Posts: 2
    edited April 2018
    glad I'm not the only one that couldnt make any sense of the terrible instructions!!!
    would even go as far as to say they were "crud" instructions!
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  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    don't look in the bargins thread ... for Crud III's for £10 ...
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,042

    One purchase - 3 years use , still not broken.. and no rattling
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    @JGSI - yup - but the 2011 Allez (and I assume 2010) doesn't have space between the brakes & tyre to fit standard mudguards - they need to be split or ultra thin to fit...
  • kingdavkingdav Posts: 417
    The cruds are a good offer, when I saw NO's post I mulled for a few minutes, then remembered the other unused bargains sitting in at home in my garage that seemed a good idea at the time!

    I have the longs now waiting for fitting, not sure I have the heart to do it in the sun though!

    I like the look of those PDWs but as slowbike says, they might be a struggle to fit and a bit spendy. The nice thing about getting vouchers in return for my old SKS jobs is that now I've made another purchase and kicked off the 5yr warranty again.
  • richkrichk Posts: 564
    My winterised road bike has raceblade longs fitted & I'm very happy with them :)
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  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,042
    Slowbike wrote:
    @JGSI - yup - but the 2011 Allez (and I assume 2010) doesn't have space between the brakes & tyre to fit standard mudguards - they need to be split or ultra thin to fit...

    My winter hack pub bike is a PX RT58, tight but all good... max 23mm tyres is the only drawback.
  • kingdavkingdav Posts: 417
    The raceblade longs are fitted now, ample room with 25mm gatorskins I'm trying to wear out.

    The flappy bit at the front is a rattly thing, I might well try slowbike's rubber cure. I've used the bosses at the rear so the qr doesn't retain the guards but I am using the qr solution at the front, I'll see in time if it's annoying enough to warrant clamping something to the forks.

    I think they've been the easiest guards to fit I've had in a long time, but we'll see how good a job I've done with it over time. It was sad to be fitting them on a sunny day, I've enjoyed going without last week or so.
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