Pressure for Conti GP4000 25mm...

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What sort of front/rear pressures are people here using for 25mm Conti GP4000s? (NB 70kg rider).


  • paulwood
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    80-85 works for me
  • 90 - 95 feels nice.
  • mugensi
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    I pump mine to 75FR and 85RR on 17mm wide rims. Any higher feels skittish and harsh to me (76kg)
  • rdt
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    Thanks for the input.

    Wheels are 2012-era Ksyrium Elite S, which I understand are 15mm internal rims.

    Like many I'm used to high pressures and narrow tyres. Anything less than 90/95 seems like heresy and pinch puncture danger, but maybe (probably) I need mentally recalibrating!
  • I use 75psi front, 80psi rear which feels fine. 60kgs all dressed up with nowhere to go. So 90/95 seems not far off for a slightly heavier rider.
  • LeeDa
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    for me at 67kg'ish I do 75 on the front and 80-85 rear (C17s). Having said that it feels a little harsh and theyve been as low as 50 / 60ish and not felt spongey. I'lll probably try 70 and 75 next week. oh and I should mention these are Schwalbe One.
  • svetty
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    At 70kgs no need to be higher than 75F90R
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D