Boardman Team Carbon crank

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I need two informations about Boardman Team Carbon (best will be 2016) but with upgraded crank to Shimano 105 5800.

Which support did you use? Will Rotor BB Race PF4624 68mm be ok and better than adapter to BSA and BSA BB?

And second: what clearence in mm have you got between left arm of the 5800 crank and the frame? I want to install there stages-like power meter and manufacturer says that 9mm allen wrench should fit there.

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  • S_J_P
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    I've no experience of the Rotor adapter, but the only two crank adapters I'd use for PF30 to Shimano 24mm would be Praxis or Wheels Manufacturing rather than the knock/glue-in cups. Unfortunately they're expensive and add significant weight to the set-up. I elected to go for a BB30 crankset (SRAM Red) instead.

    Left crank clearance is wide on the Boardman, I've run a Garmin cadence sensor which is around 10mm including the bands on the inside of both forged and hollow cranks, and there's at least another 5-10mm space (depending on where the sensor is mounted along the crank length).