Sram gxp bottom bracket

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Hi all
I have px london road with sram rival.
I changed the bottom bracket last week , on a ride today 7 miles from home the non drive side crank arm came of , fixed to my foot by the cleat !!
Had to walk home.
What have i done wrong , seems to me like i have fitted too many spacers, i used both that were in the pack. However on a you tube vid one guy says for a road bike you do not use any ?
Any ideas , bearing in mind i have hardly any tools , using pluming wrenches etc, no such thing as a tourke wrench. Only perceived effort , tigh, very tight and impossible to turn any further tight.
All help gratefully received.
Many thanks


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    no spacers on road

    gxp crank needs around 50Nm to tighten, that's quite a lot of oomph

    with spacers, tightening it fully would've caused the cranks to bind, as they turned it suggests they were nowhere near to being tight enough

    if you're using a short wrench it's likely you are way under required torque, use one about 350mm long and get it tight - you are clamping the crank/axle onto the inner race of the nds bearing, it'd be hard to overtighten
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