Bike rim defect?

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Just bought an opus bike but I'm getting some feedback from the brakes each revolution like a little ledge on the rim that the pads hit.
Could this be a manufacturing defect where the rims are joined?
Will it polish out with brake usage or should I get the rim replaced?


  • pilot_pete
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    Doesn’t look great, but you might be able to save it.

    I’d remove the tyre, then get some fine wet and dry paper on a rubbing block (or wrapped around a block of wood) and try sanding it flat on the brake track. Start with something like 800 grade and wet it. If it is not abrasive enough go down in grades one step at a time. Once it is smooth as you run a finger/ finger nail over the joint, wash it off to get it clean and inspect closely to see if the weld is still fully intact.

    When rubbing, don’t just go back and forwards over the actual weld seem - rub across it a good few inches either side to ensure you don’t rub a groove where the damaged bit is!

    Nothing to lose really as the rim isn’t really usable as is, so the alternative is to replace it (or the wheel, depending on quality) so if you screw it up you’ll have to change it anyway...

    That’s all assuming the bike is not under warranty! If it is then just take it back! :wink:

  • keef66
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    I'd second the advice to take the tyre off and have a good look at the joint just to be sure it's not about to part company. And if it appears structurally sound, sand off any high / sharp spots. If you're riding the same filthy roads as the rest of us, any wet weather braking will soon smooth it out completely.
  • Monty Dog
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    Fairly normal for a 'pinned' rim joint - there are 2 metal pins inside the rim that hold it together, but sometimes the joint doesn't align-up 100%. Besides, the spokes under tension, plus the tyre also pull the joint together. Opinion is that welded rim joints aren't any stronger, it's simply down to aesthetics
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